As a growing leader of motorcycle riders in the Baton Rouge community it's our goal to promote safe and fun recreational riding. To educate ourselves and the community about acute awareness of motorcycles  including all off road all terrain vehicles. To promote family togetherness through group activities, planned trips, and educational forums about motorcycle safety.  It's our goal to uphold the great tradition of riding safely passed on to us through the LEGEND MC name, and to uphold all state laws as we ride. To maintain respectability within the community as well as with other MC organizations.  Finally to throw the rope back over the fence.  Just as we ride just for the ride, we must shadow future riders to develop our love for the open road. Legends are born not made. Therefore we must keep the patch we so dearly love ALIVE through a shadow membership plan. Which develops our children, our extended family and friends to become not just riders but LEGEND MC riders.


                                                                                                     All About The B.R. Chapter:
This chapter was established 09/01/2010.  It is comprised of 8 blue collar original members who share the love of riding the open road.  The  President Jeffery Fields, Vice President Ticanda Mobley, Treasurer Samuel T. Hemmings, Secretary M.L. Tobais, Road Captain Toriano Jackson, Sgt. At Arms Tomas Hemmings, Augustine Rodriquez, Mike Collier.  This chapter is seeking nonprofit status to gain not only respectability within our community, but accountability within the Legends MC organization. We will up hold the great Legend name. We will be active within our community by first promoting family fun we will take part in Big Brother programs, community clean ups, and mentoring programs to reach at risk and under privileged kids throughout the community. We will be pioneers who lead the race to uplift the community, not just followers who  ride down the community.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome and extend our application to all riders who qualify to become a Legends MC. This chapter will be another great addition to the Legends MC organization.

































Baton Rouge La. Chapter

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